Self-portrait made of eggshells, colored splinters, wire and additional materials is assembled so that a portrait shadow is produced using a lantern on the wall. As soon as the light beam shifted slightly, the shadows scatter at once.

2013 / NEW YORK
Designing, producing the artwork and objects for Allure magazine's first annual Best of Beauty Award in the art biennial genre.
* To represent the nominees in the Lipstick section, a performance was held in which Marusya publicly depicted the cover of the current issue of the magazine with kisses in red lipstick on canvas.

Commissioned by the R.S.V.P. agency. for Condé Nast Russia.

2013 / MOSCOW
Concept development, design and production of windows for the fifth anniversary of KM20 Concept Store

2014 / MOSCOW
Concept development, design and production of 15 windows for the fall season for the Central Kids' Store at Lubyanka. Each of the windows is a kind of a separate fantasy story on the theme of children, exploring the world. They are based on school subjects, science, art, pop culture and kids' dreams.

Produced by Moscow Production; executive producer Taya Tarabrina (TAYAT); designer Irina Lyubomirova; 3-D models Yulia Polintseva, Grigory Sevastyanov; assistant artist and designer Alena Tolstikova

2016 / MOSCOW
Hello, Moscow!
Concept development, design and production for the concert of the band "Alliance" at the Arbatskaya metro station as part of the "Hello, Moscow!" project.
The ceiling of the lobby was projected with rippling shadows of leaves, and during the gathering of guests there was the sound of birds singing.
In front of the escalator there was a "Sun Halo" installation with a projection of a real bubbling sun.
From the bottom of the escalator to the stage stretched a light display that "breathed" color stretching from yellow and white, through pink, to blue. It became a dedication to the immortal song " The Dawn."

Commissioned by the Journey agency for the "Hello, Moscow!" project.

2019 / MOSCOW
Concept development, design and production for the annual After Helloween immersive ball.
The ball was themed as "The Galaxy of Wandering Souls" that year.
A total installation dedicated to childhood was located in Hyatt Regency Moscow Petrovsky Park hotel.
One of the suits was turned into a boy's room from the 90s, filled with various artifacts.
The window scenery showed the cosmos with comets and the Milky Way flying by.
Stewards gave guests an audio headset with a recording of the boy's diaries about his dreams of becoming an astronaut when he grew up.

Commissioned by the Journey agency for the Bacardi brand.

2019 / MOSCOW
Art installation for Beluga brand at Interview magazine's two-year anniversary celebration.
A cloud of 1,000 mirrored fish, repeating the shape of the brand logo and 500 minions of vodka in 50g. Spotlight inside the installation created rippling shadows around the perimeter of the room and spotlights outside created shimmering glare.

Commissioned by Lunar Hare for Interview magazine (Russia).

2013 / MOSCOW
oldich dress & drink
Concept development, design and production for the vintage store and club OLDICH Dress & Drink.
The window dressing and some decor elements in the interiors changed regularly every month from one season to the next.
Showcases and niches inside regularly changed their exposition and reflected the time of year or significant events in the capital.

2012-2013 / MOSCOW
/public art
Life is Good / NY (USA)
One of three parts of the diploma project was a mock-up of the "Life Is Good" sculptural ensemble.
According to the plan, two similar objects should be installed simultaneously in two cities
(Moscow and New York were planned).
Each object consists of 7 screens made of metal and colored glass that are placed against any empty wall.
During the day, the colored shadows of the figures are reflected in different places until the sun rises at a certain angle.
Then, once a day, the shadows gather so that they form the phrase "Life is Good".

Draft version

2013 / NEW YORK (USA)
The project of the urban sculptural ensemble consists of three self-righting bears (6, 4 and 2 meters high) made of mirrored solid material with a musical mechanism inside.
Bears are traditionally regarded as one of the symbols Russia, and the self-righting bear reflects in itself country's ability, having fallen, to rise again, no matter what.
The sculptures are mounted on a special podium equipped with a protective mechanism. The cable system eliminates the possibility of excessive tilting, bearings in the base help the sculptures to move easily and exclude injury in case of foreign objects falling into the gap between the podium and the object.

Costume design for a performance based on the alchemical text "Splendor Solis" about the hero's journey in search of the Philosopher's Stone.
The immersive performance took place in the castle of the Maltese Order of St. John's Gate in Clerkenwell, London.
Since the first act was performed by artists walking through the rooms of the castle with the guests, all costumes and makeup had to match the guests' evening gowns.
The sewing quality, details, fittings and finishing were carefully chosen and made with exceptional care.

Showrunner Daria Beglova; actors from "Brusnikin's Studio"; director Igor Titov

2018 / LONDON (UK)
All the drawings in the book were made during summer 2016 in Nice, France.
Friend and poet Sergey Stern wrote poems looking at them.
This is how a series of reverse illustrations came about: not pictures about text, but text about pictures.

The book was published in 2019.

2016-2019 / NICE (FR) – MOSCOW
Video and performance for VAKPROJECT Studio clothing brand.

Producer Liza Kazbekova; cameraman Anna Shmitko; music Vasily Mikhailov; make-up Nina Ninoa; editing Tanya Kommunar

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